Thanks to everyone for your prayers over the Easter Weekend.  Good Friday’s fast was a major success for my own personal Faith Infused Training Project, so much that I plan on fasting every Friday until the book’s release.  This past week has been a huge eye-opener for me.  I’m really looking forward to where it […]

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Easter is About Power and Strength

What does the Resurrection of Jesus represent? Today, the Easter basket might be full, but the tomb is empty!  There might be a massive search for colored eggs and chocolate candies, but the hunt for Jesus is over!  They found Him long ago.  Walking around with holes in His hands and a wound in His […]

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Faith-Infused Training Project

So, I’ve been trying to create a buzz that FIT Project is going to be publishing a book soon.  One of the first things people do when I tell them about it, is look down at my body.  I don’t ever ask why they do it, but my best guess is they believe that one […]

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Hello world!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. For months and months, Brittany and I have been praying for God to shed light on what He might have us do for ministry and it looks like those prayers are being answered! What was once a foggy and unclear vision is now turning into (we hope) […]

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