March 28, 2018

Faith-Infused Training Project

So, I’ve been trying to create a buzz that FIT Project is going to be publishing a book soon.  One of the first things people do when I tell them about it, is look down at my body.  I don’t ever ask why they do it, but my best guess is they believe that one can’t write a book about health and fitness without being healthy and fit.  I can agree with that.  I think it depends on your definition of health and fitness though and where it comes from.

If our definition of health and fitness is based solely on what we can see, I think there’s a whole other side of fitness that we need to be informed about.  Same, for the person who bases it strictly on how they feel, no matter what others see.  The truth is, it’s a balance of both.  Truly healthy and truly fit people are supposed to look good and feel great.  But, most likely our definition of what looks good and what feels great also differs from person to person.  As you can see, it’s easy to get caught up in semantics with this topic.

I have a solution for all that.  You ready?  Well, actually I don’t have the solution, but God does.  And, I believe that because God is our Creator, He would want us to define health and fitness through Him.  Which means that the definition of being truly fit and truly healthy is revealed to us through His Word, The Bible.  If you take out an iPad or a tablet, open your bible app, and type in words like “health,” or “fit,” or “fat,” you might get some results to spark an investigation into what I’m saying, and an idea of what FIT Project’s upcoming book is all about.

But, the complete study of health and fitness goes way way deeper.  That’s not a typo.  I said “way way” deeper on purpose, because that’s what we’re dealing with here.  This is something that goes way way beyond what’s seen with human eyes and what’s  felt in the human heart.  Health and fitness should reach and breach the boundaries of our souls.

Fitness begins with God.  It starts with an acknowledgement of Him as Creator, Jesus as Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit as Helper.  Our bodies belong to the One who made us, to whom we owe our existence.  So, the first question we should ask ourselves is, “God, what would you have me do with my body?”   Every morning we should wake up knowing that it is God who gives us another day of life.  And, if we believe God perfectly demonstrates specific purpose, then we can agree that every day we spend on this earth is for a reason, and therefore carries significance.  Today, I want to encourage us to include God and His Spirit in the choices we make about the foods we eat and the things we put in our bodies.

If you start your day with a weight loss pill or a powdered pink drink, and you think its what God would have you do with your body, then honor Him by doing that.  If you start your day with oatmeal, or egg whites, or black coffee, and you can do so in faith with a clear conscience, then honor Him by doing that.  Paul, the Apostle puts it this way, “So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” – 1Cor.10:31 (ESV).  Truly healthy and truly fit people do all things to the glory of God.  Even in the times of pressure and tension.

I was running late the other morning, so instead of cooking for myself, I had to run into Chick-Fil-A.  Because I was willing and able to allow God’s Spirit to guide me, I was successful in resisting the spicy chicken biscuit meal with a large hash brown and a large vanilla iced coffee.  I gladly ate an egg-white-grill meal with fruit and black coffee.  Not that I couldn’t have honored God with the less healthier option, but I am on a quest for better energy and cleaner fuel for my body, for the grand purposes of doing more ministry.

Jesus said, “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”Mark 10:45 (ESV).  I don’t know about you, but the healthier I eat, the more able I am to serve others.  When I’m in good shape, I’m that much more effective in sacrificing my time and energy toward others.  The more we focus on paying attention to our own bodies, the more aware we are of our responsibility to help and care for others.  The more responsible we are in caring for others, by eating and drinking all to the glory of God, the more Christ-like we become.  It’s a win-win situation with victory in Him!

So, back to the book we’re getting published:  Its release is set to be within the next  12 weeks.  I’ve decided, during that time to conduct a Faith Infused Training Project on myself, and I’d like to invite you on this journey with me.  A journey to re-define our perspective of health & fitness.  I’m not gonna post a list of do’s and dont’s.  I won’t prescribe a rigorous 30 minute workout program for us to follow, and I’m not gonna try to sale you anything.  This journey begins with fasting and prayer, so that the LORD can lead us where He wills, for our good and for the benefit of those around us.

Today, I will start praying and fasting from the things God has put on my heart.  I’m praying for strength, guidance, wisdom, and ears to hear.  On Good Friday, I will be fasting from everything in remembrance of the day Christ gave up everything for us.  I hope you will join me as we pursue God this Easter weekend to better know Him, and to better show Him that our bodies are in His hands, the hands graven with our names.  The hands that were physically nailed to a cross, so that we could be spiritually freed from the unhealthy condition of sin and death.  Love you guys!

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