June 7, 2016

Hello world!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. For months and months, Brittany and I have been praying for God to shed light on what He might have us do for ministry and it looks like those prayers are being answered! What was once a foggy and unclear vision is now turning into (we hope) a bright and cloudless path into His will and ultimately His glory! Our hope, the hope of FIT Project is to apply what we’ve learned both in the study of fitness and our study of scripture through Faith Infused personal Training. Our goal is to sharpen iron with iron, to lift with our eyes lifted up, to exercise with self-control in all things.

In talking with numerous husbands & wives, mothers & fathers, church leaders, church members etc. mostly all would agree being unhealthily out of shape due to bad eating habits, or self-inflicted high blood pressure and high cholesterol, affects ministry in a negative way. In some cases, those that would suffer from these types of issues aren’t participating in ministry at all… Some aren’t even attending church. This limits the amount of Christian involvement citywide, nationwide, and even worldwide. It is crippling The Body of Christ.

The struggle extends further as believers succumb to the emotional affects of these circumstances i.e. depression, weariness, unbelief, and isolation. Our desire is to assist in restoring these individuals! And in the process, we bear their burdens in a way that edifies and builds up! God’s word says we are to be the light and we believe that light should be robust! That light should shine with energy and enthusiasm!

FIT Project Mission Statement

To equip others with physical and spiritual strength through Faith Infused Training for the furtherance of effective ministry

Train. Equip. Send.

Train • We implement physical disciplines to achieve growth in spiritual maturity and to improve body composition

Equip • Using the Word of God, we empower believers with biblical strength and Christlike confidence

Send • We spread the Gospel with poise, globally increasing good and faithful service as it pertains to all areas of life for the glory of God.

Strength. Health. Confidence

Strength • We believe the work of GOD can & will require physical strength. Whether it be the building of an ark or the rebuilding of walls, or laboring in the mission field, our bodies are the temple of The Holy Spirit, knit together by muscle and bones and should be stewarded with a godly approach to toughness.

Health • We believe all systems of the human body are the gift of God, particularly the central nervous system, the muscular and cardiovascular. Taking care of these systems in accordance with scripture enables believers to maximize competency of the mind, heart, and soul.

Confidence • We believe self-obstruction leads to idleness but freedom in Christ leads to boldness. Embracing our identity in Him builds up endurance to overcome fear, insecurity, and doubt.

FIT Sessions. FIT Camps. FIT Seminars

FIT Sessions • One on one mentorship is the best platform to provide complete accountability, instruction, and care. In our Faith Infused Training sessions we teach proper form/technique and cultivate brawn & bravery

FIT Camps • Corporate fellowship and communal bonding through “blood, sweat and tears” has the power to enhance physical activity and plays a part in the development of effective ministers.

FIT Seminars • The study of our moving parts is essential for nourishing our bodies, cherishing the body of Christ, and worshipping God as Creator and Lord over our lives.

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